Reasonable Accommodations

SWHA provides accommodations to qualified persons with disabilities. These changes allow your living arrangements to compare to those of other renters. Your request cannot cause an extreme financial burden. It also cannot change the fundamental features of a housing program.

Accommodations can include:

  • Changes to your apartment (e.g., grab bars in the bathroom or kitchen).
  • Changes to another part of the building or grounds (e.g., wheelchair ramp, curb cuts).
  • Changes to SWHA rules, policies, or procedures.

You can make a request by phone, at the SWHA office, or in any other way convenient for you. You may use a request form, but SWHA does not require you to do so:

Family members, service providers, and other advocates may also make requests on your behalf.

You may not need or want the same type of accommodation as someone with the same disability. SWHA will work with you to make changes that best suit your needs. Please note that we give priority to changes that involve the unit and building where you live.

SWHA may need you to provide evidence of your disability and the need for the specific accommodation. (This will not include medical records.) The type of documents you need to provide will depend on your situation. We will not ask you about the nature of your disability unless it directly relates to your request.

SWHA cannot provide supportive services – counseling, medical, or social services – beyond those offered to all residents. Also, while we may modify a home to allow you to live there, we do not have to offer you a different type of housing. The accommodation process works to figure out if you can live in the housing SWHA offers with appropriate changes – not if you could benefit from types of housing we do not offer.

Per an Interlocal Government Agreement, the King County Housing Authority’s ADA Coordinator reviews all requests on behalf of SWHA. All requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We do not guarantee specific accommodations. Contact your management office to learn more or submit a request. If you need TTY relay services, call 7-1-1.